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About Us

Our firm is a collection of experienced, professionals that have a proven track record, personal leadership ability and who share a common commitment to the highest standards of service in the Real Estate industry.
Your choice of where to invest represents an important decision; it will determine the success of your property, the realization of goals and the overall quality and peace of mind associated with your investment. At Accelerated RE, that’s something we take very seriously. Every project is different, every client is different, that’s what makes this job interesting and challenging. For our clients, this perspective is what makes us indispensable.
Accelerated Real Estate Management is a full service asset and Property Management Company serving institutional, corporate, and individual needs. We believe in providing the best resident relations, responsiveness, curb appeal, budgetary constraint, maintaining the highest occupancy levels and maximizing the return on the investment. With this in mind we provide the best service to our clients. This sharp focus on our goals allows us to pro-vide our clients with the most efficient and effective service available.
At Accelerated our project management systems mean operations and accounting collaborate perfectly every time. The result is more than goals met; it’s more than promises kept; it is how we are able to change our focus from simply managing a property to consistently achieving the owner’s goals every time.
Many property management companies do one thing well. We have chosen to do several things well. By integrating a wide array of services into one cohesive system, we are able to streamline oper-ations and guarantee performance. We know it is important to you that a property manager provides all these services, but we also know it is more im-portant to perfect these services…an experience you will discover with Accelerated Real Estate Man-agement.
We have managed properties of all size, type and magnitude. In the process, we have surpassed the expectations of a very satisfied client base. Our professionalism, knowledge and performance are unmatched in this industry, and we sincerely invite you to contact any one of our clients so you can hear it from the people who know us best.
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